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CH King of Hearts Ausie Queen of Kelloggs - "Sydney" of Kelloggs Cattery
Kelloggs Cattery - Producing Quality Shorthair Cats with Passion, Dedication and Love Producing Quality American ShorthairsDesiree, Sierra and Savanah of Kelloggs Cattery
Desiree, Sierra and Savanah of Kelloggs Cattery
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Welcome to Kelloggs Cattery - Breeder of Quality American Shorthair Cats

We are located in Maple Valley, WA., approximately 30 minutes South East of Seattle. We are surrounded by 5 ½ peaceful acres of beautiful scenery and active wildlife.  
We are passionate about our cats, giving them everything they need to live long healthy lives. In return they touch us with their unconditional love, stunning beauty and immeasurable amounts of enjoyment with their playful personalities. We are dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of breeding exceptional top quality American Shorthairs with outstanding pedigrees with the goal of continuing the sound development of the breed standard.  

The love we share for each other along with the love we have for our cats is without question the foundation to our Cattery's success.

We would like to recognize Ann Marie Walters for not only blessing our lives with stunning top quality American Shorthairs but for taking the time to mentor, advise and share her knowledge. Because of her recommendations and trust, she has made it possible for us to acquire exceptional American Shorthairs. We will forever be indebted to her for giving us our start and making Kelloggs Cattery possible.

Heinrich & Carly Kellogg


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Kelloggs Cattery is a member of The Cat Fanciers' Association - The Largest Registry of Pedigreed Cats
Heinrich & Carly Kellogg
    Phone: 425.413.0945

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